Early Childhood Education

Renee Silver
Ms. Silver
Course 1: Introduction to Early Childhood Education
This course is designed as an introduction of skills required for a career in the care, education, and administration of programs for young children. Students will develop skills in educational areas including career paths, developmentally appropriate practices, safe and healthy learning environments, collaborative relationships, and professional employment skills. Academics and employability skills are integrated throughout the course. Units from this course could be applied to education and training, health sciences, business, and human services clusters.
Prerequisite: Completion of 9th grade.
Course 2: Early Childhood Education 1
Early Childhood Education 1 is designed to provide students with hands-on opportunities to actively explore and observe the world of children and prepare students for educational and administrative careers in the field. This course provides an in -depth study of career paths, developmentally appropriate practices, curriculum development, safe and healthy learning environments, and collaborative relationships.
Prerequisite: Completion of Grade 10. It is strongly recommended that students have a 2.0 GPA or higher.
Course 3: Early Childhood Education 2
ECED 222: The Young Child-Development and Behavior
Early Childhood Education 2 is an advanced course focusing on the prenatal child through age eight with an emphasis on the physical, cognitive, psychosocial, and moral development of the young child and how these aspects of development are interrelated. Emphasis will be placed on the recognition and respect of how variations in cultural backgrounds and family interactions affect child development. Research, diagnosis/assessment, child observations, case studies, and play will also be emphasized. Student field experiences may be school and community based and may include job shadowing, field trips and internships. Integration of Educators Rising greatly enhances this curriculum. (*Approximate fee $112.00 plus cost of college level textbook/To Be Determined by Lander University. Includes Lander course, transcript fee, TB test, Educators Rising and American Heart Association.)
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Early Childhood Education 1 or Teacher Cadet and minimum GPA of 2.75. Seniors or approved Early Graduate Juniors only. 3 Hours College Credit from Lander University
Careers in Teaching/Teacher Cadet  (3 Hours College Credit from Lander University)
The Careers in Teaching/Teacher Cadet course is designed for students at the top of the junior and senior classes who are interested in teaching as a career or those who are interested in knowing more about the educational field. Students will experience an exciting hands-on exploration of learning, teaching, and the educational system. Participation in a teaching internship is provided. Integration of Educators Rising greatly enhances this curriculum. (Approximate fee $75.00 includes Lander course fee and supply fee for working with students.)

Prerequisites: Students must meet requirements set forth by the Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement:
A) 3.000 GPA on a 4.000 scale,
B) Three Letters of Recommendation from Teachers,
C) Completed student application and essay.