RTC Culinary Arts Students Win 3rd Place at Jr. Chef Culinary Competition

Congratulations to RTC Culinary Arts Instructor Jay Hancock and his students on winning 3rd place at the annual Jr. Chef Culinary competition!
The competition was designed by the National Lunch Program (NSLP) to encourage students to learn the process of planning, sourcing, and preparing school meals. RTC Students demonstrated their culinary skills in a competitive environment while gaining valuable knowledge in recipe development, food preparation, teamwork, and local food systems.
Each team submitted original recipes and videos highlighting locally sourced S.C. products combined with USDA Foods items to create nutritious and delicious items that may be utilized by NSLP. Each RTC team member received a $4,000 scholarship to Sullivan University for their 3rd place win! I
n the picture above, RTC team members (left to right) included Jared Leonardo, Cam'Ron Aughtry, Sasha Anderson, and Kadaysia Kinard.