Brandy Holladay
Mrs. Holladay
Cosmetology 1
Cosmetology 1 is designed for students who are seriously interested in pursuing a career in cosmetology. Cosmetology 1 is designed to train students to provide professional service in the salon industry and to prepare students to successfully pass the State Board Licensing Exam. First year students will receive coursework and hands-on training in professional development, salon ecology, anatomy and physiology, electricity, cosmetic chemistry, salon business, trichology, shampooing, client consultations, haircutting, hairstyling, wigs and hair additions, chemical texturing, chemical relaxing and curl reforming. Each student requesting Cosmetology 1 will be required to attend a parent/student/teacher conference in May before entering the program. The state requires 1500 hours for the two-year course; therefore, excellent attendance is mandatory.
(* Approximate fee $475.00)
Prerequisites: Completion of Grade 10 and an Interview Process.
Cosmetology 2
Cosmetology 2 is a continuation of Cosmetology 1.
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Cosmetology 1 with a minimum grade of 75 AND a minimum of 250 clock hours.
Cosmetology 3
Cosmetology 3 challenges the student to higher levels of performance in all skills taught in Cosmetology 1 and 2, as well as introducing students to hair and color theory, color application, foil techniques, nail theory, natural nail care, artificial nail care, skin theory, skin care, hair removal, and make-up. Students provide services to the public two days per week. (*Approximate fee $300.00)
Prerequisites: Must have a minimum grade of 75 in Cosmetology 2 AND a minimum of 500 clock hours.
Cosmetology 4
Cosmetology 4 improves the level of knowledge and skill of the student so that upon graduation he/she will be employable as a cosmetologist. Students are required to pass both the theory and practical portions of the State Board Exam to become licensed. Students must also complete a minimum of 1500 hours over the two-year period (1000 in Cosmetology and 500 in academics); therefore, excellent attendance is required. The fee for the State Board Exam is expected to be approximately $175.00.
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Cosmetology 3 with a minimum grade of 75 AND a minimum of 750 clock hours.